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Operations Director

What Do You Love About Working at Elite Austin?

My favorite thing about working at Elite Austin would have to be the people I work with! No matter what project we are working on, everyone has great energy and is fun to be around. This helps each one of us do the best work we can do.

What Makes Elite Austin so Special?

As a part of the logistics team, we strive to provide tremendous care to our clients, their properties, and the furniture they are receiving. With our various quality procedures in place, we hope to impress our clients by meeting all of their needs.

Do You Have a Favorite Client Project?

My favorite project thus far was working with one of our design clients out in the Dripping Springs area. We were able to install some of the coolest and most unique furniture that I have seen yet! It transformed the property into an incredible designer residence and into my personal favorite as well.

What Unique Skill Do You Bring to The Elite Austin Team of Experts?

One quality that I believe I bring to Elite Austin is my great communication with co-workers and clients. It helps our team produce work that our clients have come to expect while also remaining efficient.

When You’re Not at Elite Austin, how Do You Spend Your Time?

I love the outdoors. Whether it’s just a walk along the lake or a weekend camping trip, there is something about nature that brings me joy. I also love volunteering at various ministries and helping people in a number of ways.

Work With Us

With Elite Austin, the process is all about you, the furniture, and the concierge-style service. The team looks forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.

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