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Director of Client Services

What Do You Love About Working at Elite Austin?

Elite Austin is one of the most collaborative work environments I’ve ever been privileged enough to be a part of. The way our team works together and supports one another is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is never a dull moment either, the logistics guys definitely keep us entertained when they’re here in the warehouse!

What Makes Elite Austin so Special?

I think the fact that everyone who is a part of Elite Austin takes such a strong sense of pride in the work we do is what sets us apart. We are all passionate about the quality of service we provide and truly do consider the Elite Austin touch.

Do You Have a Favorite Client Project?

Nearly every before and after I see leaves me impressed but I think the property on W. 9th where we shot our team photos is my favorite. I dream about relaxing on that couch with the amazing fireplace lit! It’s such a great entertaining space and we staged it perfectly!

What Unique Skill Do You Bring to The Elite Austin Team of Experts?

I’ve been compared to an air traffic controller and it’s the truth. I’m the command center and have to make sure everyone is in the loop and no detail is missed. I’m also big on celebrations, grand or small, life is for celebrating and I like to bring that sense of joie de vivre to Elite Austin’s culture.

When You’re Not at Elite Austin, how Do You Spend Your Time?

I never met a brunch I didn’t like so I’m always out on the weekends exploring the never-ending foodie scene here in Austin. I also enjoy traveling, classic films, playing golf, reading, and just spending quality time with friends and family!

Work With Us

With Elite Austin, the process is all about you, the furniture, and the concierge-style service. The team looks forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.

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