Curated Furniture Sales: Designer Style Without the Wait

Curated Furniture Sales: Designer Style Without the Wait

Austin has joined Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas on the list of the top 10 most populous cities in the United States. The news comes as no surprise to residents who already love the city's culture, personality, entertainment options, and outstanding food. Along with the surge in population, a vibrant luxury real estate market has developed. Whether you're eager to take advantage of the flourishing job market and fantastic amenities Austin offers or hope to find the perfect investment property, quality furnishings are essential to complete the luxury home package.

The value of staging your Austin, Texas, property before listing

Entering the competitive Austin housing market is challenging, even during periods of high demand. Prospective buyers expect to experience an inviting environment where they can imagine living before making an attractive offer. Staging is about showcasing a home's interior to engage buyers. It typically includes updating furniture and decor (particularly in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas) to reflect trending styles. According to the National Association of Realtors, 82% of buyer's agents said that staging helps clients visualize the property as their home.

Walking through an empty home is uninspiring. Potential buyers may find it challenging to imagine barren rooms filled with furnishings that enhance their lifestyles. Home staging assists buyers in visualizing furniture placement and the proportions of each room. When done well, it highlights the home's selling points and increases its value in buyers' minds. In a nutshell, staging transforms a house into a model home that entices buyers into making a winning offer.

Although staging can help to sell homes three to 30 times faster and can increase the sale price by up to 20% on average, only 23% of seller's agents stage the home before a sale. Making an effort to stage your home can give you an edge over nearly 80% of the market competition.

Elite Austin helps sell hundreds of homes yearly by staging the key areas. The staging process includes a site visit to determine staging needs, a custom plan to highlight the property's selling points, and designer-curated rental furnishings to complement the appeal of a luxury home. Elite Austin-staged homes sell nearly twice as fast as the typical staged home, spending 64% less time on the market. Homes with Elite Austin staging spend an average of one to 10 days on the market. They are also move-in ready, as all furniture is available for purchase. Buyers form an opinion about a home during the first 15 seconds after entry. There's no such thing as a second impression.

Making a statement in your new luxury home

When you find the ideal Austin neighborhood and perfect luxury property, you likely can't wait to make it your home. Moving is a vast undertaking that can take time to fit into your busy lifestyle. The time it takes to find and purchase furnishings and decor that complement your new property and reflect your personality can make it seem like your home will never be fully ready to enjoy the Austin lifestyle.

Buying a turnkey home means you receive a move-in-ready property with essential furniture and decor. While these properties offer convenience, they give you little control over the layout and styling. Curated furniture sales present the same ease as a turnkey property without placing you in an unoriginal environment that doesn't suit your lifestyle. You get the benefits of working with a designer without lengthy lead times and a hands-off experience that will quickly transform your home.

The process begins with a consultation with a professional interior designer. You'll have the opportunity to share details about your style and furniture needs and discuss color and material preferences. The designer will also offer advice and recommendations for functional living spaces. After the consultation, you'll receive a detailed estimate listing the furniture and decor for your home. Once you're satisfied with the plan, your agent will schedule a date for installation. On installation day, the logistics team will handle furniture delivery and installation so you can return to a fully furnished and professionally decorated home.

While turnkey homes offer unrivaled convenience, they don't allow you to make decisions about the appearance and functionality of your home's interior. Curated furniture sales let you share information about your preferences and even integrate new items with treasured furniture and decor pieces important to you. Instead of spending weeks or months in a partially furnished house or living in a residence that never quite feels like your own, you can enjoy concierge-style services that transform your interior into your dream home.

Attracting tenants to your chic Austin rental property

An astounding 55.3% of Austin residents are renters, presenting an impressive opportunity for real estate investors. However, the responsibilities of managing a rental property can be time-consuming and difficult. Real estate investors typically have in-depth knowledge about features that make a property valuable. High-value elements, such as the home's location, architectural style, and building materials, make it more appealing to renters. Luxury rentals can yield higher monthly payments, but tenants will expect premium components. This opportunity is where the indispensable services of a professional interior decorator come in.

Luxury furniture leasing lets you furnish your rental homes with designer-curated furniture packages that provide unique style and quality comfort. Whether furnishing a short-term rental or onboarding new tenants with an extended lease, predictable monthly payment options allow you to invest in high-quality designer-curated furniture without making a long-term commitment. With concierge-style services, you get a hands-off process that takes care of every detail. You can even choose from multiple styles and make arrangements remotely if necessary.

The process is similar to that of purchasing designer-curated furniture. A professional designer will evaluate the space and create a plan to furnish and decorate specific areas with stylish, high-quality furnishings and decor. You can rent furnishings, artwork, decor, lighting, and more with a minimum one-month commitment. You can also purchase the furnishings if they meet your long-term needs.

Partner with Elite Austin for your luxury home furnishing needs

Elite Austin delivers curated designs from a fully stocked warehouse fit for various purposes and lifestyles. Whether you hope to attract potential buyers with an outstanding listing, prepare a luxury rental for discerning tenants, or get a turnkey home experience that matches your unique tastes, the concierge-style services that deliver beautiful interiors every time will surely delight you. Whether your situation is temporary or permanent, your house should feel like a home. Contact us to learn about how we can transform your Austin property to meet your changing needs.

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