Luxury Furniture Leasing: Elite Furnishings and Concierge Service

Luxury Furniture Leasing: Elite Furnishings and Concierge Service

Elite Austin is here because every home has untapped potential. In addition to real estate services, our company has emerged as the go-to option for homeowners seeking luxury furniture rentals. Our designer-curated experience caters to those who seek quality, style, and a touch of uniqueness. In just a few steps — with minimal effort and careful attention to detail — your house will feel like a home.

Read on to learn why Elite Austin has the best luxury furniture leasing service with a stellar product to match.

Benefits of luxury furniture leasing

Our core message is that even if your living situation is temporary, you can still live in a beautifully furnished home. We believe temporary luxury furnishings are an ideal fit for many Austinites. It’s the best way to instantly transform your interior into a comfortable residence that feels like home — on your terms.

Designer furnishing without the commitment

Elite Austin’s InstaHome product is ideal for anyone who wants designer furnishings without commitment. Instead of shuttling back and forth to furniture stores, clients work with us for a comprehensive, turnkey solution to elevate their living spaces.

See your aesthetic come to life

Do you see the potential for a more comfortable, luxurious lifestyle in your house? The furniture we select is tailored to suit your particular home’s distinct features, from the floor plan to natural light and beyond. All pieces are sourced from our extensive inventory and are subject to your approval.

Functional living spaces

Drawing from various styles, your designer will craft an atmosphere that reflects your taste and the purpose of each area in your home. This hands-off design experience will quickly transform your home so you can continue living your life without unnecessary disruptions.

Expansive inventory

Our inventory includes critical furniture items, carefully selected lighting fixtures, stylish rugs, captivating art pieces, tasteful décor elements, and even housewares. These elements come together to create a canvas for personal expression with harmonious and layered design.

A hands-off experience

Our InstaHome team handles space planning, furniture selections, and white-glove delivery and installation. It’s like collaborating with an artist to help shape your environment, creating a home that reflects your individuality and design preferences.

How it works: The furniture leasing process

Do you like the sound of a beautifully furnished home you can enjoy on your terms? Our concierge-style service takes the lead. From the initial site visit to crafting a meticulous design plan and putting the furniture in place, Elite Austin ensures a seamless process.


When you choose Elite Austin for your furniture rental needs, the process begins with a thorough site visit. Your lean luxury furniture leasing team will be led by an Elite Designer. Together, they will walk you through your property, listening and learning about your style and furniture needs. Feel free to sound off — everything from color scheme to material preferences is in play.


Once we have the whole picture, our team sends the final estimate, complete with a list of furnishings and decor items. You can review the list, engaging with your designer with a brief back-and-forth for any changes. We then finalize a moving date and send a contract to secure your installation (usually in a couple of weeks).

Hands-off design

Your designer selects all furnishing and decor based on the initial consultation. This quickens the process and lets you relax while we sort the details. Get all the benefits of working with a designer without the long lead times or ever living in a partially furnished house.

Delivery and install

On the day of installation, our white-glove logistics crew transports the designer furnishings via truck and places the pieces where they belong under the direction of your designer. From packing and loading to delivery and installation, Elite Austin ensures a seamless process.

Curated furniture for sale

If you prefer a more permanent solution, we offer the same turnkey service for purchase in Austin. Everything is available for purchase, from essential furniture pieces to strategic lighting elements. As always, the InstaHome product delivers beautiful furnishings in no time at all.

How Elite Austin dusts the competition

InstaHome is perfect if you want a hands-off, hassle-free experience and desire a fully furnished and thoughtfully decorated space. Elite Austin’s inventory is strictly luxury furniture and decor (as opposed to outlets like IKEA or thrift stores).

Elite Austin delivers a product designed at all times to suit your preferences. With a competitor like CORT, you must do much more legwork: select each piece separately, wait for everything to be delivered, and hope everything comes together. InstaHome clients work with a professional designer who listens to your needs. You can make a coherent plan in one consultation, and all the furniture is installed on the same day.

Finally, unlike national brands, Elite Austin brings a local flavor to furnishings. Our curated collection of high-quality, stylish furniture is on-trend yet stands out in the Austin luxury real estate market. The result is not just a house; it's an aesthetically pleasing and cozy home that effortlessly reflects your style and provides an inviting ambiance for residents and guests.

Work with Elite Austin

At Elite Austin, our commitment revolves around you, your furniture needs, and an unrivaled concierge-style service. We firmly believe in creating a transformative experience for your home, ensuring it becomes a space where you feel at ease, whether it's a temporary or permanent residence.

Experience the exceptional service and personalized touch that Elite Austin brings to furniture rentals, allowing you to create a home that resonates with your unique style and preferences. Whether you're an individual home seller, investor, Realtor, or developer, Elite Austin is here to assist you with curated designs and concierge-style services perfect for temporary living arrangements.

Contact us here and experience the difference for yourself.

Work With Us

With Elite Austin, the process is all about you, the furniture, and the concierge-style service. The team looks forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.

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