Transform Your Space: Trends in Austin Furniture Rentals

Transform Your Space: Trends in Austin Furniture Rentals

Many homeowners, renters, and even those in a short-term residential situation seek to curate a living space that resonates with their personal style and functional needs. It is not an easy task on its own, and it proves incredibly challenging with many of life's other priorities demanding your attention or for those unaware of their design style or needs.

Thankfully, the art of filling out one's home with just the right furniture and accessories has evolved significantly. Luxury furniture rental is emerging as a sought-after solution for those looking to infuse their spaces with elegance, versatility, and the latest design trends without the permanence of traditional furniture buying.

This innovative approach caters to a variety of lifestyle needs—an executive on a short-term assignment, a family in transition, or a current homeowner exploring new residential aesthetics—offering a blend of flexibility, convenience, and access to high-end furnishings that complement a very specific lifestyle.

Let's explore why transforming your space with a turnkey furniture procurement solution is the answer for several design scenarios and trends in Austin furniture rentals worth considering for your home.

Why luxury furniture rental can work for you

If you have yet to consider the potential of outfitting your home's luxury interior finishings, luxury furniture rental in Austin presents a compelling proposition in a number of situations.

Executive on a short-term assignment in Austin

For professionals temporarily relocated to Austin, luxury furniture rental allows for a seamless transition into a comfortable and stylish living environment tailored to suit short-term needs without the hassle of moving or buying furniture. In addition, employing a turnkey service like Elite Austin means you can leave the heavy lifting to someone else.

Relocating family

Families in the process of moving, either short—or long-term, can fulfill their lifestyle needs and preferences through rental furniture, ensuring their new space feels like home from day one. This includes families that must accommodate the needs of young children or those spanning multiple generations. There's also the flexibility to adjust as their situation evolves.

New homeowner

Indecision about style or aesthetic direction or simply figuring out what a home needs and what it doesn't is common among new homeowners. Furniture rental services offer the opportunity to experiment with different styles and spatial setups, ensuring the space feels right before making any permanent decisions.

Prefer an always up-to-date interior

For those who enjoy keeping their living spaces trendy and up-to-date, renting furniture allows for easy updates as design trends evolve without the commitment to a single style or the cost of frequent purchases. A turnkey rental solution is especially wise for homeowners who entertain and look to seasonal or bespoke styles to wow their guests or those revitalizing an old space with a fresh look or aiming to incorporate a vintage aesthetic into a new property.

Require flexibility without a long-term commitment

Furniture rental is an ideal solution for individuals seeking to avoid the long-term commitments and financial obligations associated with traditional furniture buying. It's also an advantageous approach for lifestyles that prioritize mobility and minimalism. Renting furniture can be a strategic way to maintain a small footprint, enabling easy transitions between homes or travel without the burden of heavy possessions.

Design trends for 2024

If you're considering a new or updated look for 2024, Austin's furniture rental scene reflects a vibrant array of luxury design trends that combine aesthetic appeal with practicality and sustainability:

Dark woods

With their timeless elegance, dark wood finishes—walnut, cherry, mahogany, or, for a gradient look, teak—are making a notable comeback. They offer depth and richness to spaces, creating an ambiance of sophistication and warmth. Dark wood pieces also work as bold statements to offset an otherwise light-filled space or set a specific, moody elegance when paired with similar hues.

Luxury "performance" fabrics

Though renting furniture doesn't come with the same burdens as owning, you still want high-end furnishings that look and feel great and are easy to maintain. Many high-end pieces do just that by incorporating luxury "performance" fabrics that are visually appealing and also plush, soft, and remarkably easy to maintain. These fabrics blend luxury with practicality, which is incredibly useful given Austin's indoor-outdoor lifestyle, where many outside elements inevitably find their way inside.

Subtle curves

Even fans of straight lines and angles can't help but admire how well furniture with subtle curves adds a soft, welcoming touch to interiors. Whether a sectional, chaise lounge, or chair and ottoman combo, rounded furnishings break the monotony of those hard edges, fostering a greater sense of comfort and fluidity.

Natural tones

Natural tones are gaining popularity in line with the movement towards sustainability and simplicity. But more than just soft beiges and off-whites, nature-inspired soft blues, muted greens, and lime- and sandstone browns offer a serene and earthy foundation that promotes calmness and connection to Austin's natural environment.


As the furniture industry increasingly embraces sustainable practices, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing production processes that minimize environmental impact, the pieces they produce are proving to be highly sought-after focal points of interior design. Their efforts reflect a broader commitment to the planet and satisfy an owner's or renter's need for responsibly sourced design.

Bold statements and eclectic accents

While neutral styles and natural tones are universal favorites, bold accents in accessories, artwork, lighting, or statement pieces provide a dynamic contrast, adding personality and focal points to any room. The trend towards eclectic settings continues to grow, and high-end providers offer a wealth of options that encourage a mix-and-match approach that showcases individuality through a combination of styles, periods, and textures.

Interested in learning more?

The Elite Austin process includes consultation, estimate, hands-off design, delivery, and installation of designer-selected furnishings so you can focus on living your life and not managing the minutia.

Of course, should you develop an affinity for the furniture, rest assured that each item is available for purchase. Elite Austin offers a turnkey purchase service for those seeking permanency from the outset. With this service, you can effortlessly achieve a fully furnished and personalized home without the usual hassles associated with the design and procurement process.

At Elite Austin, our process revolves around you, the furniture, and an unparalleled concierge-style service. We firmly believe everyone deserves to feel at home, whether that home is temporary or permanent. Our commitment is to provide a transformative experience for your home, ensuring that it becomes a space where you feel comfortable, regardless of your specific needs or the duration of your stay.

Discover the exceptional service and personalized touch that Elite Austin brings to the furniture and design process, allowing you to create a home that resonates with your unique style and preferences. Contact the Elite Austin team today.

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With Elite Austin, the process is all about you, the furniture, and the concierge-style service. The team looks forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.

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